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    As a graduate student at the school of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, I had the opportunity to do a practicum, which entails 100 hours of work at an information center (usually a library) and completing a project that will be of service to the organization.
    I was fortunate to have a practicum in the Children's Department of the Urbana Free Library, which has been ranked in the top one percent of American Public Libraries in a recent edition of American Libraries.  This site is a forum for sharing the findings I made through my practicum project, creating and executing a series of five half-hour programs for children ages six to twenty-four months. 

Purposes of this guide:

  • To collect quality resources for librarians creating programs for 6-24 month olds
  • To share my experience of doing programming for babies
  • To add to a growing dialogue about the purposes of babies' programs
  • To share a number of structural ideas about composing these programs, and
  • To make available a series of example programs

This page was created by Kate McDowell, Children's Librarian at The Urbana Free Library, and you can reach me by email at: mcdowell [at] 

last updated August, 2006

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